paola alessandri-gray

Paola Alessandri-Gray

Paola Alessandri-Gray was born in Italy, where she lived, studied and worked for about 30 years, before coming to the UK. Although her working career had taken many different directions, her original interest was art, so when her children were old enough to be somewhat independent, she went back to school to try and rescue her long neglected passion.

Paola’s father and grandfather had both been photographers, and Paola had been used to helping her dad in the dark room from a young age. Photography was almost a family heirloom, inherited with the genes, so Paola too became a photographer. She is also a printmaker, but loves drawing most of all.
In the last few years Paola has split her time using the left side of her brain to work as a public servant, and the right side of her brain to be an artist.

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